Are You Hosting Out-Of-Towners For The Fourth Of July?

Are you known as the person who puts on the best Fourth of July celebration in your extended family or within your circle of friends? If so, you probably have already received word that some of those who usually attend your event might even be coming from out of town. That's probably both a compliment and a bit of a challenge. After all, having out-of-town guests more than likely means some extra work for you. You'll be wanting to change linens, put out clean towels, and make the entire house look extra nice. And, after everybody goes back to their own homes, you'll have to do the job all over again, right? And then there's the meal planning. From ordering breads from your favorite bakery to creating unique menus, here are some ideas that might help you.

Ordering Breads From Your Bakery - How many people will you be serving? Besides those who are staying in your home, will there be others coming for a Fourth of July meal? It will be very helpful for you to have a pretty exact number of guests before you even call the bakery. Consider ordering literally every type of bread that you'll be needing from the same place. When you place your order, be specific about when you want to pick the baked goods up. For example, you might want regular breads on hand all the time. But, if you've ordered a specialty Fourth of July cake, you'll want to serve it fresh. Let the baker know that that's a separate order.

Creating Unique Meals From The Breads - Consider the different ways you can serve breads you have ordered from your bakery. For example, most of your guests will more than likely already have tasted chicken salad on croissants. However, they might never have had peanut butter, banana slices and hazelnut-chocolate spread on croissants that have been heated in your oven. Think of copy-catting breakfasts you might eat at a fast food restaurant. By ordering English muffins, you can add eggs, cheese and ham and create your own breakfast muffins. Think of ordering artisan breads that your baker specializes in. For example, perhaps your bakery is known for its pistachio-cranberry bread. Can you imagine that bread toasted with butter for breakfast and then used as sandwich bread for a spectacular lunch? Artisan breads can also be used to create your own pizzas. 

Use a local bakery like Champion Bakery Inc. to make meal planing for your guests less of a hassle.